Fort Lauderdale Realtors Learn More About Water Damage & Restoration

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Fort Lauderdale Realtors Learn More About Water Damage & Restoration

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A Broward County Association of Realtors is doing their part in helping Fort Lauderdale┬árealtors become more well-informed to exactly what is essential when helping clients buy a trusted healthy home. Dan Fielding, President of The Water Damage Restoration Business will be teaching a class that covers mold and water damage in Fort Lauderdale. The three hour class certifies for 3 hours of core continuing education credits for realtor’s annual license renewal.


The class will be held at Broward County Association of Realtors located in Fort Lauderdale.  The class will be about the essentials of mold, water damage, and the important things to look for in a home, making realtors more well-informed when searching for and assisting with the purchase of their customers next or first home.

Some individuals think “it’s only water”, and so they postpone or do absolutely nothing. However if it doesn’t dry rapidly enough and develops mold it gets major and very pricey. The content consists of practical and safe techniques for identifying water damage, and exactly what it takes to get things dry. Guests will certainly likewise get tips on making the insurance work more in their favor. A few of the things this class will cover about mold are exactly what it is, why it grows, how hazardous it is, and what the guidelines are for how it ought to be removed and tidied up. Bad mold removal can be even worse than no mold elimination.

Dan Fielding received an Engineering degree from The University of Florida. He likewise has an MBA from The University of Miami. Dan has been carrying out water damage and mold cleaning in South Florida for 25 years assisting thousands of commercial property owners. He has industry accreditations in: Water Damage Mitigation, Applied Structural Drying, Fire & Smoke Remediation, Asbestos Contractor/Supervisor & Inspector, Bio Threat Technician, Mold Removal Professional, Mold Supervisor, Mold Assessor, and Mold Expert. Dan stated “I take pleasure in teaching these classes. It offers me a chance to share some important information that can help real estate agents and their customers avoid costly mistakes. We see numerous recent house buyers that are faced with costly surprises when the circumstances could have been prevented.” Daryl likewise said “I pride myself on being the clients advocate when dealing with insurance coverage business.” By attending the class, the participants will certainly end up being more notified and empowered to deal with property damage and cleanup circumstances.